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you are the one i have been looking for。 表面意思翻译为:你是我一直在寻找的人 其中: 1、looking for:找寻; 寻图区; 寻找; 正在寻找 例句: Have you found the book you have been looking for? 你找的书找着了吗? 2、the one 例句: M...

you are the one 你就是我命中注定的那个人 you are my love, 你是我的爱人。

you are the one.你是唯一。


直译:你是一个 You Are The One 二分之一缘分(新加坡电视剧); 你是唯一(歌曲名); 双语例句 1. You are the one to decide. 该由你来决定. 2. It'seems as if you are the first one here. 看起来你是第一个来这儿的. 3. You are the only o...


you are the one my love 你是我最爱的人 双语对照 例句: 1. This one is for the love of my life. 这个是为了对我生命的热爱。

Are you the one --- Timo Tolkki--Are You The One 你就是他吗? The traveller in time who has come To heal my wounds to lead me to the sun To walk this path with me until the end of time 那个正好闯入为了治愈我的心伤、带给我阳光、...

一、Are you the one?你是他吗?(歌名) 例句: 1、Are you the one they call Beowulf? 你是所说的贝奥武甫吗? 2、I'm searching for my other half to make me whole. Are you the one? 我在搜寻我的另一半使我变得整个。你是一个吗? 3、N...

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