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whAts your mEAning

心栖膨促議析弗頁冢嶷払岼賜列擬阻。What's meaning頁蒸斤危列議嵐嵐音嬬喘議 What's the meaning? 賜 What is the meaning?頁斤議。 珊辛參喘What the meaning of (+this word, this sentence, this gesture吉)迅葎匯嶽鞘侏。 総匯嶽傍隈...

頁^焚担吭房 ̄議吭房、


喇噐^mean ̄峪嬬恬葎侘否簡賜強簡聞喘音嬬恬葎兆簡聞喘咀緩^what's the mean ̄才^what's the mean of ̄宸曾嶽傍隈脅贋壓囂隈危列峪嗤^what's the meaning ̄頁屎鳩議。 ^what's the meaning ̄根吶軸葎^宸頁焚担吭房 ̄宥械嚥^of ̄銭喘葎^what's t...

焚担吭房 萩寡追

what are you fucking doing議吭房頁:低麿第議壓恂焚担。 箭鞘 1.I just learned a sentence"What are you fucking doing?" 。 厘胡僥氏阻匯倖鞘徨^低麿第議壓孤焚担? ̄。 2.What are you fuck doing here?低麿第議欺久壓恂焚担?

朔中匯倖斤議性 念中椎倖頁笥囂貧議銭響 峪頁咄辛參壓掲屎塀魁栽宸担窟 徽短宸嶽亟隈

What¨s the real meaning of the world ^peace ̄? What¨s the real meaning of the world ^peace ̄? The _1__ story may tell us something about it. There was once a king who offered an award to an artist who could paint the ___2__ pictu...

It means 低晩囂僥阻叱定阻


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