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whAt ArE you EAt是什么意思

You are what you eat.中文意思是:(你吃什么就像什么。) 在70年代的时候,在美国有一个社会风潮,就叫做you are what you eat (你吃甚么,你就是甚么) ;意指:你吃进肚子里是甚么东西,你就会成为甚么样子。 这个主要是在倡导—“人类要吃得健...

you are what you eat中文: 人如其食(西方谚语,指饮食可反映一个人的性格与生活环境)。 If "you are what you eat" thenI only want to eat the good stuff. 如果说“你吃什么就代表你是什么样的人”那么我只要吃好东西。 If you are what you...

You are what you eat这是一句西方谚语,翻译为 人如其食(西方谚语,指饮食可反映一个人性格与生活环境) 例句: 1. "We approached this work thinking that when it comes to preventing depression, it'sconceivable that you are what you ...

据介绍这原来是指Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are,即告诉我你平时吃什么,我就可说出你是怎么样的一个人。后来才变成现在这句话"you are what you eat"即:你要健康就要注意你的饮食健康。 见:

you are what you eat. 油啊瓦特油伊特

正确表达为:what do you like to eat,因为like是行为动词,改为疑问句要用助动词do提前。 祝楼主更上一层楼



人如其食(西方谚语,指饮食可反映一个人性格与生活环境) 希望对你有所帮助~

In my opinion, “you are what you eat” means what you eat affect you. Chinese often say that the food that you eat nourish you. However, this is not a comprehensive, food will both bring you the pros and cons. Food sustain our l...

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