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unfortunately 英 [ʌnˈfɔ:tʃənətli] 美 [ʌnˈfɔ:rtʃənətli] adv. 可惜;不幸地,遗憾地;不巧

unfortunately不幸地,遗憾地; 可惜; 不巧 双语例句 1. Unfortunately, there is little prospect of seeing these big questions answered. 不幸的是,几乎不可能看到这些重大问题得到回复。 2. Catching colds is unfortunately an occupati...


意思是提供住处,完整的应该是 keep a roof over our heads。 造句: I realized my mother was financial genius to be able to keep a roof over ...

hopefully luckily/fourtunately/thankfully/happily/srupuisingly unluckily/unfortunately/surprisingly/sadly unluckily/unfortunately/sadly luckily/fourtunately...


I have a dream I was not intersted in English when I started studying it. And I did work hard at it in the further studying . It cause...

ortunately, I did not bump into the s

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