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thErE is Big BED

There is not a big bed

Is there a big bed?

先提问:What's in the house? 让孩子自己回答 there is a bed in the house. 精锐巨峰陶老师

what is in your bedroom

小题1:A小题2:C小题3:A小题4:C小题5:A 试题分析:本文叙述了凯特家的一个房间。在这间房间里有一张大床,一张桌子,一台电脑和一些椅子。只有凯特在家,她的父母在学校,小题1:细节理解题。根据This is a room in Kate’s house.可知在凯特家里...

There is not a big bed there is not a big bed的中文翻译 there is not a big bed 这不是一个大的床

There is a big bed , a small desk , a shelf and a closet . The bed is near the desk . There is a shelf near the closet too . Many good ...

歌曲名:My Bed Is Too Big 歌手:blue system 专辑:Greatest hits I don't call it love Come take me in your heart Oh, i can't get enough I know we will never part We are nightbirds my baby Nightbirds will never stop Blue System Oh, ...

I have a very big and new bedroom. there is a bed,a desk and a chair in it. On the wall there is a clock and under the clock there are two mirrors.

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . . . It is a big bed.

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