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sB BE BounD to Do sth是什么意思

这个是某人(将来)必定/一定要做某事。。be bound to 就是必然要,一定要。。在合同法中常会出现。。sb be bound by the contract...意思就是某人受契约的约束,契约是合法且有效的。。bound是受约束的意思。。


expect do sth expect to do sth 期待某人做某事期待做某事 双语对照 例句: 1. But how do you expect to do this? 但你期望如何达到这个目的? 2. But we don't really expect him to do that. 但是我们没有真正到他能做那件事。

He's likely to go abroad. 他很有可能出国 I'm very glad to see you. He was surprised to see what was happening. We're sorry to hear that.

具体没多大区别 要真要分区别的话 就是 to do 表示允许做的这件事还没做 doing 就是看到了在做 但没有去阻止 允许他做

你要表达的意思不够完整。sb.+be+adj.+to do sth. 和 sb.+do sth.+、、、并不 等同的意思。 比如 The girls were sad to hear the news。听到这个消息,这个女孩难过。 改为The girls hear the news sadly . 这个女孩难过地听到这个消息。貌似差...

see sb. do sth.是说看见某人做某事的全过程 see sb. doing sth.是说看见某人正在做某事(某一时间点) e.g. I saw you put the key in your pocket. 我见你把钥匙放进了口袋里。 She was seen running away from the scene of the crime. 有人...

词义 keep sb doing sth.是“让某人持续做某事”,keep sb to do sth.是“让某人去做某事”。 形式 keep sb doing sth.是动词+动词ing,表示正在进行或持续进行的状态。keep sb to do sth.是to+动词,表示将要去做还未去做。 扩展资料 keep用作及物...

need sb to do sth 网络 需要某人做某事 1 Market appears later sparge aid black oil, also need others to do sth for sb ability gush is gotten even. 后来市面出现喷雾型助黑油,也需别人代劳才喷得均匀。

没有 。 有sb / sth be believed to do sth. 例句: The attack is believed to have been carried out during the early morning hours 据信进攻是在清晨时发起的。 Such a diet is widely believed to offer protection against anumber of ca...

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