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miss 动词 意思:错过 Did I miss something? 我错过(谈话中的)什么了吗? I missed the bus. 我没赶上那趟车。 missing 不见了 = gone\lost My wallet is missing\gone\lost. 我的钱包不见了,丢了。 lose 动词 意思:遗失 My book is lost. ...

miss-错过。 gone-走了。 disappear-消失 lose-一件东西丢了。 望采纳~O(∩_∩)O~

go missing 是系表结构,go 是系动词,指 “一步步变成 … (状态)”; missing 是形容词表语,意思是 “呈现下落不明的状态”。 She'd gone missing 是过去完成时,意思是 “她早已经走失了”。

是这个吧………… 叫Five Hundred Miles If you miss the train I'm on 如果你错过了我乘坐的火车 You will know that I am gone 你就会知道我已经走了 You can hear the whistle blow 您可以听到汽笛的响声 A hundred miles A hundred miles a hund...


CUPS(When I'm Gone) I got my ticket for the long way 'round Two bottle whiskey for the way And I sure would like some sweet company Oh, I'm leaving tomorrow, what do you say? When I'm gone (when I'm gone) When I'm gone (when I...

Cups (You're Gonna Miss Me)- Anna Kendrick

看missing 这个非谓语是什么时态 一般现在时就用have 一般过去时就用had表过去的过去

You'Re Gonna Miss Me When I'M Gone 歌手:Brooks & Dunn (欧美乐队组合) 歌词: I'm still hurtin' from the last time You walked on this heart of mine I can't find much to believe in You let me down so many times Heaven knows how...

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