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Although/though My grandpa is very old。He still does housework every dayI love climbing Although/though It is a bit dangerous tjsydxfang | 2012-04-...

I love my grandma , she always treats me like...there was an old clock beside me with the .. is it grandpa ? the clock " Dooooooo...

Looking at the old grandpa, I realized that when a good credit but be really not easy!Today the customer really many, someone buy tobacco, someone ...


old man vs grandpa 老人与爷爷

old+man+vs+grandpa 老男人 VS(决战)爷爷


1 bought a few pairs of chopsticks for dinner 2 has a bad cough today stay at home take care of her 2 A lamb on the hill is eating grass 3 mums are both housewives 4 laugh at old people 5 cut this watermelon in h

应该是这样: There old paintings belonged to my grandpa. 用字典查belong的意思,其中一个意思是: be the poverty of 那肯定是一个物体belong to 一个人或着什么 例句也能说明问题。比如 It belongs to me.

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