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look At thE CloCk,plEAsE.英文怎么发音

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . . . Please look at the clock.

Please don't look at the clock.


please与 clock的字母“l”发音相同[l]。 please [plɪːz] v. 使高兴, 请, 取悦; 令人高兴, 讨人喜欢; 愿意;讨好; 喜欢 例句 It is better to please a fool than to anger him. 惹得傻瓜发火,不如使他快乐。 Those new ideas will never...


come to the party at 5o'clock ,Please.

Give the clock to me.give…to是固定句式。采纳。谢

please call again at five o'clock 请在五点再打电话

What time is it,please? It's twelve o'clock.

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