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都可以,看情况。 Likewise, the language of educated people is the memory of the language of books. I will share my childhood memories with you and I assume that you will do likewise.

likewise 英[ˈlaɪkwaɪz] 美[ˈlaɪkˌwaɪz] adv. 同样地; 也,而且; [例句]These requests are ignored. His requests for rent are likewisesometimes ignored 这些要求被置之不理。他关于支付租金的要求有时...

likewise [副词] : 同样地 ; 也 一般用於句末, 也可用於句首. I'm leaving and I suggest you do likewise 我要走了,建议你也走.I told him to watch me and do likewise. 我叫他仔细看著我,并且照样做。To achieve this goal, you must have ...

likewise 同样地,也 是副词,可用在句首,例: What is fair for homeowners likewise should be fair to businesses. 对私房业主公平的,同样也该对商家公平。 alike adj. 相似的;相同的 adv. 以同样的方式;类似于例: We looked very alike...

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