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1, C

C 试题分析:句意,在这个星期,这是他和她第三次吵架了。这是固定句型结构中的时态搭配——某人第几次做某事。 It /That/This is the...time that sb have done sth;It /That/This was the...time that sb had done sth。结合日常生活实际,能...

这个是强调句,It is (was)…that (who)…为结构词, 假如去掉,剩下部分在语法结构和句子含义上均完整,这一点正是它和定语从句等的本质区别。 这里面 去掉以后 按正常语序有 you have been unable to answer the same question the third time. ...

1: It’s the third time you have been late this week. 2: People were in a hurry to move away the bricks and the stones.3: That’s what we think too.4: They should go to school instead of working to support their family.5: No cou...


the phrase "Third time's the charm" refers to the superstition that after two failures in any endeavor,a third attempt is more likely to succeed. 这是一个美国谚语,指的是,事情做到第三次,会更有可能成功。

选 C It is the +序数词+time that +从句(句中谓语要用现在完成时态。)最近是第三次我见到他了。

It's the first time that I ate snake meatIt was the third time that we met in a restaurant


C 试题分析:考查状语从句的省略:句意:我想知道你为什么不按要求去做,这是你第三次这样做了。完整的句子是:I wonder why you didn’t do as you are told to do,当主从句的主语一致的时候,可以省略从句的主语和be动词,还有不定式的动词do...

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