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i wAnt to hAvE A pEt80字

i really love animals.I think they are cute and friendly. 我真的很喜欢动物,我认为它们可爱又友好. And among all the animals,i like dogs best.So i want to keep a pet dog.You may ask me why,now let me tell you what i think. 在所有...

I like to keep dog as a pet because dogs are mankind's best friend.Firstly,they are loyal and reliable.It is not difficult to find out such instances in our society to prove that.No matter how bad their mankind friends are or n...

No,my family has not,或No,has not


答案:What does it look like ? 翻译;它长得什么样? 不懂再问,在线为你解答 【帮到你望及时采纳,你的10分满意,我们团队的无限动力】


we have a pet.

l是主语,have是谓语,a pet是宾语,at home是地点状语

My mame is Zhang Rui。Ihave a pet cat.Her name is MImi. she is very beautiful and she is white. she is very clean and tidy. she likes eating fish. she likes to climb the tree. I like to play with her. she is my friend. 祝你学习...


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