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先说说这个单词experience [ik'spiəriəns] ,不如系统的讲一下它的用法: 它有两种词性 n.经验;经历;体验;如果是经验,是不可数名词;经历很多次则可以用可数复数. vt.经验;经历;体验 它的过去式和过去分词都是:experienced 当做...

动手经验相关例句:1.Ninety-nine per cent of primary pupils now have hands-on experience of computers. 现在,99%的小学生都亲手操作过电脑。

hands-on experience 实践经验;手动的经验;实际动手经验 例句筛选 1. Gain hands-on experience by performing code analysis on a managed project. 通过对托管项目执行代码分析获得实践经验。 2. Gain hands-on experience by profiling a s...


楼上乱说,这是现在分词作定语,working together on health是定语,修饰experience

hand-on-experience 手的经验 真诚希望能够帮助您, 如果满意请采纳,祝您好运常伴。

同学你好,很高兴为您解答! draw on others’ successful experience,您说的这个英文词语在我国中很常见,是属于英文会计考试核心词汇其中的一个,学好该类词汇对您的英文证书考取过程非常重要,这个词的翻译如下:博采众长。 希望高顿网校的回...

Last week, my uncle had a strange experience. On Saturday night, he went to a later show at the cinema. After the show was over, he had supper at a small restaurant. Then he walked home. When he arrived home, he realized that h...

transporter 运输者 ;have a time on 祝某人玩得......;i i have lots of experience in or on ?在.....方面有经验

I have five years and a half work experience ,during which I had been working on sales for 4 years.

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