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go through it

go through with [英][ɡəu θru: wið][美][ɡo θru wɪð] v.完成,把…进行到底; 例句使用: 1Don't you go through with this. 你没完成这个。 2Do l have to go through with it? 我必须要完成这件事吗? 3Then why did you g...

go through with it 通过它去;继续下去 例:I think we should go through with it. 我想我们继续做下去。

That's a triangle. Let's go through it. 意思是“这是一种三角关系,让我们忍受一下吧”。最好照音标拼读,实在不会,可以谐音为“再次/俄/楚阿姨够了,来此/够/死入/爱特”,但是要咬着舌尖读“再”或“死”。


i'm good. and you guys will also go through it with me. let's rock 我很好。,你们也会和我一起去通过它。让我们摇滚

也许它会慢慢忘记它的经历吧 Maybe it will slowly forget it's experience it 也许它会慢慢忘记它的经历吧 Maybe it will slowly forget it's experience it


It's nearly impossible to go through a major city __c_ a person who is or appears to be homeless.

Oh I'll tell you all about it when I see you...First you both go out your way 一开始你们总是...Everything I went through you 无论历经怎样的艰难...

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