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Fussy 英文


“在我看来”用英语表达 1.In my opinion, ... 2.In my view, ... 3.I suppose that, ... 4.I maintain that, ... 5.As far as i'm concerned, ... 6.As i see it, ... 7.From where I stand, ... 8.It seems to me that ... 9.From my point of v...

我们不能以貌取人的英文译为:We can't judge people by their appearance。其中appearance英式发音[əˈpɪərəns] , 美式发音 [əˈpɪrəns],意思是外貌,外观,出现,露面,哲]现象。其用法如下: 1...

纠结 就是让人不知道怎么才好 让人很为难很困惑的意思 英语里有一个专门的说法 be in a dilemma It seems you are in a dilemma. 看起来你很纠结

nervous 同义: a.易兴奋的;焦急的 upset restless excited disturbed ruffled shaken flustered agitated perturbed tense strained edgy jittery high-strung 同义参见: alarmed excitable feverish fussy fearful worried impatient 反义参见:...

play pretty pary phychology friendly carefully 基本上正常的副词都以Y结尾 plenty happy handy sweety rainy

故事介绍 John Arable's sow gives birth to a litter of piglets, and Mr. Arable discovers one of them is a runt and decides to kill it. However, his 9 year old daughter Fern begs him to let it live. Therefore her father gives it ...

罗 n. silk, net, display, shift v. net, display, shift, collect, catch birds with a net adj. fussy, talkative n. subordinate in gang of bandits

小黑 [名] (网络用语) 黑名单; [例句]与花哨的打扮形成鲜明对比的是这件小黑裙子。 The little black dress is the anithesis of fussy dressing.

第一个,意思是 不加选择的。

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