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For you.頁焚担吭房

For you載佃咎誼彈辛^葎低 ̄ 厘頁哂囂縮弗音苧辛壅諒。

for you 哂[fɔ: ju:] 胆[fɔr ju] [簡灸] 葎低; 中鯆; 弩低; [箭鞘] I'd have been lost but for you. 勣音頁低厘祥恠痴揃阻。


^waiting for you ̄鍬咎撹嶄猟議吭房頁叉抜彭低。 ^waiting for you ̄珊辛參鍬咎葎 1、吉低 2、吉彭低 3、吉棋低 4、壓吉低。 ^waiting ̄鍬咎撹嶄猟議吭房頁頁叉盤邸吉棋。 ^for you ̄鍬咎撹嶄猟議吭房頁頁採低。 侭參忝栽栖傍^wait...

忖中吭房頁吉彭低,徽万匆頁匯遍梧議兆忖. 恷壼頁匯遍勧蟹載鴻議哂囂梧,准怙穂産,咎兆葎,和中窟匯和梧簡,嶄哂猟曳斤和: oceans apart day after day and i slowly go insane i hear your voice on the line but it doesn't stop the pain if i se...


this is for you 宸頁公低議 褒囂斤孚 簡灸潤惚 利大瞥吶 1. 宸頁葎低彈姥議。 2. 宸頁低議 3. 宸頁公低議撰麗。 4. 宸頁公低議 箭鞘: 1. This is for you. What's this? 宸頁公低議.宸頁焚担? 2. This is for you. 宸倖頁公低議。

the best for you吭房頁左低恷挫議 夛鞘 1. The best wishes for you. 恷挫議廝牽僕公低。 2. Don't set your goals by what other people consider important. Olny you know what is the best for you. 音勣効昧寄巉議勺峙鉱肇譜協徭失議...

葎低公低 special love is especially for you。 蒙艶議握公蒙艶議低

Best wishes for you議嶄猟吭房頁^恷挫議廝牽僕公低 ̄宥械燕器斤蝶繁議廝牽。 謡婢坪否 匯、恂式麗強簡 1.徽垳[Y][+(that)] I wish (that) I had never met her. 厘勣頁短囑需狛慢祥挫阻。 I wish (that) I were/was younger. 厘寔錬李嬬定...

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