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FEED on和LivE on有什么区别?

feed on 以...为食物(多用于动物)Live on 靠...生活 也有以...为食物的意思,不过多用于人

feed on v. 动物以…为食,以…为能源 feed on [feed on sth] phr v 1 if an 《animal《 feeds on a particular food, it usually eats that food Owls feed on mice and other small animals. 以…为食 2 if a feeling or process feeds on somethi...

live on 是以。。。为食,有靠什么生活的意思, 而feed on纯粹是以。。。为主食的意思

feed in: 输入 live in [英][liv in][美][liv ɪn] 住在学习[工作]的地方; 住在(某地); 存在于…; 为…而生存 live on 是以。。。为食,有靠什么生活的意思, 而feed on纯粹是以。。。为主食的意思

翻译: 给我吃,我就活;让我酗酒,我便死去。

Tigers are beautiful animals, but now there are few tigers that live in the wild. they feed on some meat and small animals.they don't have a safe...

during the egg-laying and mating periods do penguins actually live on land...Most penguins feed on krill, fish, squid, and other forms of sealife ...

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