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听了半天的歌词 我帮你找到了,歌名就叫Drive me Crazy Drive me Crazy - Elucid when I saw u here all the night you were a shadow in my eyes you were dancing you were flying high and you making me feel alive let me get a little clo...

drive me crazy 把我逼疯 类似的句型可以记住 drive SB. +形容词或动词,就是把某人变得如何的意思

You drive me crazy的中文翻译 You drive me crazy 你让我疯狂 双语例句 1 You drive me crazy, you know that? 你快把我逼疯了,知道吗? 2 You drive me crazy. 你让我着迷。 3 Because you already drive me crazy. 因为我已经被你副疯了。

drive me crazy 让我疯狂 双语对照 词典结果: Drive Me Crazy 让我疯狂; 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句: 1. Did claus drive me crazy? 克劳斯让我发疯了?

Queen: I Go Crazy Album:Works Title:I Go Crazy Words and music by Brian May I took my baby dancing - to see a heavy band But I never saw my baby 'til the encore She had the singer by the hand I didn't wanna cry cos I had to be ...



是歌词吧 你令我疯狂 意思因该就是 you make me crazy

你看下是不是Carly Rae Jepsen演唱的《cll me maybe》?

歌曲:u drive me crazy 歌手:n'sync 专辑:《the winter album》

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