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Do thE ChilDrEn EvEn CArE?

顺手采纳答案 do the children even care?的意思是 那些孩子们甚至会在意吗?


It's Not My Fault - Anthony Lewis & T.I. It all started on a cool afternoon I was sitting by myself when I noticed you So I made my way across the room Thinking what I gotta say to get you in the mood It's not my fault that...

是不是这首 Pixie Lott - Here We Go Again All my friends are going out But I've been thinking Maybe I better stay in bed The ceiling's spinning 'round Like I've been drinking I've got this banging in my head Boom, boom, boom I n...

Augustana------Boston in the light of the sun, is there anyone?在那耀眼的阳光下,有人吗? oh it has begun...喔..这一切都将开始 oh dear you look so lost, 喔..亲爱的,你看起来那么失落 Eyes are red and tears are shed,眼睛红红的,泪...

就是哪个英国的天才少男吧?我几年前,大概5,6年前听过他的歌,那时候他才19岁。。我这里刚好有他的歌,分享一下。。已发送。。 JG sent from NOKIA phone.

the last thing that i wanna do is hurt you even more ## oh you don...just wanna try taking care of my life ## i’ve been working day and ...

i don't even take care of myself but l care about you 翻译:我甚至不照顾自己,但我关心你



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