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Come & Get It

男声女声啊? 可能是布兰妮的baby one more time或者Selena Gomez的come&get it

You know I love you so much girl I just can't take you everywhere I wanna take you right now You know I ain't really got the money (This your favorite song song x2) But I promise one day we gon go I promise (Turn your Juke B...

i'm an Albatraoz

Backstreet Boys - Get Down You're the one for me You're my ecstasy You're the one I need Get down Get down And move it all around Get down Get down And move it all around Hey baby love I need a girl like you But tell me if you ...

源氏连续砍路霸好几刀时的BGM是高速的类似贝斯的弹奏节奏配合鼓点,应该是电音类...Come And Get It(remix) 你看看是这个不 乄蘭斯蔕亜 | 2016-07-14 3 29...

1.buckle up n chuggeluck heaven (这首歌是偶在到处浏览校内那些歌曲分享里面淘到的一首很有节奏感的歌曲)2.bounce——sarah conner (sarah conner想必喜欢听英语歌曲的人肯定多知道她,真的很厉害,唱了很多超好听的歌曲,有几首她的慢歌下次...


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