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BE hAppy to BE yoursElF什么意思

be happy to be yourself 快乐地成为你自己 to be yourself 成为你自己;尽显自我 例句: 1.Charles, if you think Bertha's position excuses her blasphemies, then I think youought to be ashamed of yourself. 查尔斯,如果你认为伯莎的处...



You ( will be ) happy if you can do it yourself. He said he ( would go ) to Beijing if he ( was ) free. They often meet on the playground ( playing ) football She ( prepared ) her trip to Canada those days.

How to Be Happy Relax. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Happiness is largely a choice. Feel gratitude for all of the good in your life. Smile. Once you have enough to pay for life’s basics think to yourself: “I’ve won.” Happi...

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