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BABy I'M A Fool 歌词

muse的supermassive black hole



Oh baby don’t you know I suffer? 噢宝贝难道你不知道我在受苦吗? Oh baby can you hear me moan? 噢宝贝你可以听见我在呜咽? You caught me under false pretences你在我虚伪的藉口下揪住我 How long before you let me go? 还要多久你才肯...

似乎就叫Baby girl吧

love me ? My friends say I’m a fool to think That you’re the one for me I guess I’m just a sucker for love ‘Cuz honestly the truth is that You know I’m never leavin’ ‘Cuz you’re my angel sent from above Baby you can do no wrong...


Bounce Sarah Connor Bounce baby out the door I ain't gonna take this no more Bounce baby out the door Get up and move Don't make me ...

I don’t know why 我搞不懂为什麼 You think that you could hold me 你想说当你这样可以抱著我 When you can’t get by by yourself 就可以度过你的艰苦时光 And I don’t know who 而我不知道有谁 Would ever want to tear the seam of someone’...

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