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At thE momEnt用于什么时态

at the moment:此刻;当时。时态不是固定的。当然多用于现在进行时。 What are you doingat the moment?(现在进行时) He is in hospital at the moment and it is too early to say but the first signs do notlook good at all. (现在时)...

at the moment 是个副词,和now 一样 是现在的意思,使用一般现在时,现在进行时,现在完成时,这些与现在有关的时态,语言是灵活的 具体的句子具体的分析。 例如,At the moment I have only finished half of the work。现在,我才完成了一半...

at the moment 相当于at this moment(在这时)或at that moment(在那时),所以可用于现在时或过去时中。 His uncle__(enter) the park on the bike at the moment. “他的叔叔进入公园”很难理解成是一般现在时,所以最好用entered.

at the moment=now so 用现在进行式 上面说的不对

后面跟的时态不一样。 at the moment 的意思是“现在”“此刻”,常与一般现在时或现在完成时连用。但是,at the moment 有时也作“当时”讲,用于过去时态。 例如:I didn't buy that book, because I had no money on me at the moment. at this (th...

at the moment = now= at present 因此用现在进行时 at that moment 用过去进行时

very 是副词怎么能直接形容名次 如果是every moment 一般现在时就行

attachment n. (用电子邮件发送的)附件,附属物; 依恋,依附; 扣押财产逮捕,扣押(人,财产) attachment是名词,过去式是针对动词的,将来时是时态。

at the moment “此时”、“此刻” , 用现在时态 。 如:He is busy at the moment 他此刻很忙。 At the moment he was busy preparing his lessons . 那时,他正忙于准备功课 At the moment in my country there are very few such schools . 目前...

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