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[英] [ˈeɪnʃənt] [ɡri:s] [美] [ˈenʃənt] [ɡri:s] ancient Greece 古希腊; [例句] They believed ancient Greece and Rome were vital sources of learning. 他们认为古代希腊罗马是知识的重要发源地。

ancient greek sandals :一个鞋履品牌名,直译为古希腊凉鞋。 Nikolas Minoglou是品牌创始人,在伦敦出生在希腊成长,2006年回到雅典,接管了家族的鞋类。他和Christina Martini搭档推出 Ancient Greek Sandals。


Archimedes was a famous Greek mathematician and scientist. He was born around 287 B. C. and he died in 212 B. C. Archimedes was most known for one specific idea that he came up with. “Archimedes’s Principle(定律)”states that ...

History of the Olympic Games Ancient Olympic Games Chronology of athletic events added to the Olympic Games Myths and the Olympic Games Pelops myth Hercules myth The Importance of the Olympic Games The Importance of Ancient Gre...

在这里where=in what,in作为介词,后应该加名词

是 tragedy spirit 吗? 你知道古希腊悲剧吗?特别是关于悲剧精神 While most cultures have developed forms that provoke this paradoxical response, tragedy refers to a specific tradition of drama that has played a unique and importa...


the ancient greek philosopher socrate 古希腊哲学家苏格拉底


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