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都可以。 All 和all of 有这些用法: 用来表示“所有”或“所有的” 1.名词前面-- 可用all 和all of 形式,两者可以互换: Has all (of) the cake been eaten? Have all (of) the presents been distributed? All (of) my friends have come to my pa...

all作为同位语的时候,位于一般动词前,be动词、助动词、情态动词之后,不可紧放在代词前,如: They were all in tears when they heard the news. We all have a computer. They are all from New England. Hazel, William and Harriet can al...


This is Teachers' Day and a time to be grateful to all teachers. This profession deserves the special recognition and respect. There is no more appropriate time than this to honour you and others in your chosen field. You have ...

可以 这个词组有两种表达: 1. all the teachers 2. all of the teachers

i wish all teachers have a happy teacher's day. 主语 动词 名词 动词 名词 Have 一定要加, 不然这句话意思不到位

B 表示“对……感到满意”,用be pleased with。此句为定语从句;主句中用了be strict with sb. in sth.句型。


A Happy Spring Outing Our school had a spring outing last weekend,which was a happy one.We went to the Xi Mountain.Last Sunday,early in the morning all the teachers as well as the students of our school gathered at the school,e...

is are

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