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ADj As it is

你说的是这个东西的adj像n的adj一样, 比如说,这个书,和那本书一样有意思 this book is as interesting as that book 或者说成this is as interesting a book as that 句子的中心意思是内容有意思,怎么有意思呢,像那本书一样有意思 interest...

尽管它不值好多钱 Though it's not worth a lot of money as it is worth 英 [wɜ:θ] 美 [wɜ:rθ] adj. 值得的;有…的价值;等值的;有…的财产 n. 价值;财富,财产 though 英 [ðəʊ] 美 [ðoʊ] conj. 即使;虽然,尽...

as……as AS +adj(原级)+AS AS +adv(原级)+AS as soon as 一……就 as soon as possible 尽可能快地 as early as possible 尽可能早的 as carefully as you can 尽可能认真地 as careful as you can 尽可能认真的


都可以,看情况. as...as的用法 as...as意为"和……一样",表示同级的比较。使用时要注意第一个as为副词,第二个as为连词。其基本结构为:as+ adj./ adv. +as。例如: (1)This film is as interesting as that one.这部电影和那部电影一样有趣。 (2...

Tom doesn't run as fast as JackToday It isn't as cold as it was yesterday

句子中as if不是句尾,whoever she was 是插入语,as if 承接着后面的she had nothing in the world to fear 一起作was的表语。 as if 通常是作连词使用。 be动词后是要跟表语,一般n./adj./介词短语/从句 等等都可以充当表语。

Finally we finished the task,and it was not as difficult as we imagined.

有这种用法 再如:That's because those experiences are among your most important experiences in life, and your spouse should know anything you regard as important. 因为那些过去是你最重要的人生经历的一部分,你的配偶应该知道任何关。

When early man invented clothes, he probably wanted to keep warm. I am sure he never intended that it should become as elaborate as it has become today. For many a year,traditional clothes and modern clothes have been in compet...

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