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中译英, 非常感谢你!

Really appriciate your (valuable) referral. 十分感激你的(珍贵)引荐。

Thank you very much for inviting me to your birthday party!

I am glad you are coming to China, waiting for your arrival, thank you again for your efforts, I wish you a pleasant journey!

Miss chen thank you very much.

"Thank you for your prompt reply, we are very attach importance to the meeting,we are inclined to time A , in order to have time to do more adequate preparation and to make our VP to attend .It's kind of you to help to arrange,...

sorry for being late. 在给别人回信的时候,人家当然知道你是在回信,所以不必再强调你是在回信,再如给别人打电话时,如果你想表达你现在很忙,待会儿打过去,千万不要说,i‘m busy,i'll give you a call later,这句话在语法上没什么错,但外...

Thank you for your tremendous support in the past year. 加上‘very much’更好,thank you very much = 非常感谢,即: Thank you very much for your tremendous support in the past year.

We appreciate your support. wish you a Merry Christmas and happy new year in advance

Thank you very much for your hard work for the past half year.

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