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1.A Chinese is usually painting in black and white. 2.I want to make a birthday card for my little sister. 3.In our PE lessons,we run long races and short races. 4.What is your favourite oil painting? you often read books in this park? 2. 第二题抄错了吗?怎么会有is?要是in的话是there are many trees in the forest. 3.we have a new PE teacher. 4.her favorite is make drink. you know Ms wang? 6.mony 是什么?是many吗?th...

Linda,those nice blouses to them please. They are taking off the ugly pictures from the wall now . Are the girls skipping or fighting in the playground ? there aren't very many peaches on the plate. the dog doesnot want any veg...

where have you live till now?


It is supposed to bring your passport when you go abroad. 精锐五角场

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: you have made your dream come true. .Do you know how to download movies online?

How are you? They are my parents. I can help you. 或者 Can I help you? Science is his favorite subject. 或者 His favorite subject is science. The teacher says it is useful. Do you want to have a party at home? Jenny likes hambu...

their classroom is big how much are those black and white shorts these are his erasers what is joan's dress color who is that old woman your pencil case is not this what is your friend's telephone number we want to buy those wh...

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