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有一首歌里开头是onE two thErE Four的英文歌

一共有3475首开头是女声one two three four的歌,希望能稍微再给一些线索 P.S. 翻到一个 Feist的1234,特好听,在附件里...

类似的只听过一首韩文歌《trouble maker》

Overground-One For Da Money

5 Days - Patrick Nuo 歌词 歌手:赤沙印记四叶草 it was love at first sight on the second of july met her on the third floor four times in one night it was a little bit of magic and the time stood still she took me to another sid...

歌曲:《Creepin' up on》 歌手:Darren Hayes Creepin' up on you is the wrong thing to do I found your address and got your phone number too Visit all the stores where you buy all your clothes Been to secret places you think nobo...


Britney spears 的《3》

绝对正确的答案来啦. 这首歌是W.c的Walk 这首歌里确实有Ice Cube 和老兄Mack 10. 要歌词么~我也顺便给你吧~~ [Ice Cube] 1, 2, 3, 4 Get you a bitch up on the floor You gotta get up and get down (WALK!) You gotta get up and get down (WA...

Chris Brown的《Forever》开头第一句是one two three four,节奏感很强,高潮部分歌词是dance forever


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