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So,too,did broader measures of unemployment which include marginally attached workers and those who work only part time. 结构是 so did it ,too;语义框架是,广义失业率情况/内容也是如此。which include marginally attached workers...

I chose one's deceased father grind this road .

首先rate表示费用(费率),这个含义到了考研这个级别肯定要烂熟于心了。 再有discrimination本身是区分,这里很显然是对于不同customers所charge的不同rates。铁道部门对其门下不同shippers进行不同charge的解释是(基于)从长远看这能降低所有...

这句是形容词“amazed”强调句.这里however 是强调amazed的。意思为无论多惊奇。整句为:无论我们后代多么惊奇我们离乌托邦有多远,但是他们和我们也是一样的(离乌托邦也很远)。


if we keep an eye closed,the nightmare will come for us, the positive information of the picture is like that a bird cannot live without wings and that a fish cannot live without water

Mal and Femal education, junior high school, high school, secondary, tertiary, undergraduate, postgraduate, master, doctor

As illustrated in the picture, two crippled people threw down their crutches and traveled around the world. Accordingly, this far-reaching picture reflects a common phenomenon in today’s society: if one cannot do something well...

太容易了: Abstract: In our increasingly competitive modern society, the number of university students applying for graduate programmes continues to rise gainst the current gloomy employment prospects. 我预计你在“不断”之后会使...

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