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I leave, not because don't like you, just you want to quiet

第二段正式,all the (加个local) laws and regulations,his staying abroad改为her staying there Her travel to the USA will be from June 3rd to June 18th in 2015.

Illuminate the night road travelers to the direction of Burning a small figure in the night Short life to the light Summer nights summer nights blowing Fengqing Safe sleep children afraid of the dark Give you a light, let the f...

He was deeply moved when the drive told him " I was poor at English in junor high school, but now I am preparing for the Olympic Games in Beijing."


1.The number of women is now less than that of men, in order to win the women's favor,so give them priority . 2.Women have to birth future generations and bear more pressure and suffering than men , so they should be given prio...

婚姻诉讼 编号:FCMC9496/2001 香港特别行政区地区法院离婚绝对书证明 XXX(原告)和XXX(被告) 2001年12月10日的诉讼中颁布的判决 2000年1月5日XXX(原告)和XXX(被告)在香港沙田婚姻登记处登记结婚(AQ124) 从颁布暂时离婚判决书之后六周内...

很多时候用拼音就行了. 8-2-101, Bo Xi Yuan, Yang Lou Cun, Jin Lai Road, Xi Qing District, Tianjin

这是我一周的安排: This is my plan for a week. 或 This is my one-week plan. Schedule = 和工作上有关的 (This is my schedule for one week) Arrangement = 是 "安排" 正式的翻译. 可是一般是用在 "正在安排" 或 "安排的行为"上。 比较严肃...

1.Good to the last drop. 2.Smooth out your day, everyday

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