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英文歌,歌词隐约记得是有so wE lovE wE ArE来着....

感觉像是西城男孩的《my love》~ I wonder how I wonder why I wonder where they are The days we had The songs we sang together Oh yeah And oh!my love I'm holding on forever Reaching for a love that seems so far


Little Things - One Direction Your hand fits in mine, like it’s made just for me. But bear this in mind it was meant to be. And I’m joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks. And it all makes sense to me. I know you'...


这首歌叫Far away from home,是组合Groove Coverage唱的。

let her go

Katy Perry Teenage Dream / 花季幻想 (少女幻想) 歌词: You think I'm pretty/你仍觉得我漂亮 Without any makeup on/即便我根本不化妆 You think I'm funny/你仍觉得我可爱 When I tell the punchline wrong/即便我强词夺理 I know you get m...

One Direction的《you & I》,我也正想找这首歌!

这首yesterday是Leona Lewis的。绝对是的,你去听听看,对的话请采纳噢!

亲~~你的歌词写错了哦~ 是成龙的醉拳~~ 我颠颠又倒倒好比浪涛 有万种的委屈我付之一笑 我一下低 我一下高 摇摇晃晃不肯倒 酒里乾坤我最知道 江湖中闯名号从来不用刀 (我不用刀) 千斤的重担我一肩挑 (我一肩挑) 不喊冤也不求饶 对情谊我肯弯腰 醉...

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