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what daily tasks I should do and is there any fixed working place and time for this job if I want to join in your company and start to work daily

Can we participate in the conpany's daily operation ?

The brim of a hat length, 帽檐长度 Inside Circumference 内部圆周长度 hat depth 帽子深度

participate in this project Involved in this project Take part in this program ……

After despiting the highest score and the lowest one in the scores which were given by judges ,the average score is the player's final grade.

The time is OK. We welcome you to visit our factory. Please advise whether you need us to dispatch a car to pick you up? Thanks & Best Regards,

I'm Daisy from the Purchasing department, there are two people in our department. our department mainly in charge of raw material as well as instrument and equipment purchasing. we have very strict procurement rules and operati...

上议院:the House of Lords 下议院:the House of Commons 参议院:the House of Councilors 众议院:the House of Representatives 英国议会:the Parliament of the United Kingdom 美国国会:U.S. Congress / Congress,United States 扩展...

参观工厂 Visiting a Factory; Factory Tour; Visiting Factories; Tour of a Factory; [例句]老师和学生们一起参观工厂。 The teacher together with some students is visiting the factory.

我们希望你在任何方便的时候来我们学校参观, 英语: We hope you could come to visit our school at your most convenient.

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