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$179572.91 One hundred and seventy-nine thousand five hundred and seventy-two dollars ninety-one cents; $16896.05 Sixteen thousand eight hundred and ninety-six dollars five cents; $109682.96 One hundred and nine thousand six hu...

商务英语 委婉一些 I hope you we can reach an agreement on the current price. 或者 Your agreement on the current price is appreciated. 个人更倾向后者 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~超人气团体 英语系~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

价格优惠 Price; price preference; price concessions; [例句]只有那些价格优惠的住房才会引起真想买房的人的兴趣。 Only those homes offered for sale at competitive prices will secure interest from serious purchasers.

用high price,价格不能用expensive。

单词是: airfare 短语是: fare of flight或者 air fare of flight.

"这两个价钱一样"_有道翻译 翻译结果: "The two is the price the same same_有道词典 same 英 [seɪm] 美 [sem] adj. 相同的;同一的;上述的(通常与the连用);无变化的 adv. 同样地(通常与the连用) pron. 同样的事物或人(通常与the...

翻译如下 价格实惠 affordable 例句 这些设备还价格实惠,因此该价值主张不容忽视。 These devices are also affordable and therefore the value proposition cannot beignored.

What's the price (of it)? How much( is it)? How much money is it? How much / What does it cost?

price 英 [praɪs] 美 [praɪs] n. 代价;价格,价钱;价值;赏金 vt. 定价;标价;问…的价格;给…定价 第三人称单数: prices 复数: prices 现在分词: pricing 过去式: priced 过去分词: priced 双语例句 柯林斯词典 英英释义 继续查词 ...

how much does this product/item cost? what is the price on this product/item?

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