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一首英文歌曲 男的唱 前奏大概是这样的 等~ 登登登...

我怎么听前奏都是等等等等的1. What Are Words 2 .somebody that i used to know 3.with u ( Janet Jackson) 你听听看 几率有点校。。

sting的every breath you take 吹牛老爹的 i'll be missing you

the next episode——Dr.Dre、Snoop Dogg、Nate Dogg

这首歌是coldplay的viva la vida

大神来了····· Linkin Park-What I've Done

Hey nana, hey, hey nana, hey I got a question, Do you wanna fly away? Do you wanna have a good time? Then baby rock with me, rock with me We gonna take over like run this thing Let's get crazy, let's go up in harder And don't s...

这首歌是coldplay的viva la vida

Train - "Shake Up Christmas" Lyrics Ho-ho-ho Shake up the happiness Wake up the happiness Shake up the happiness It's Christmas time There's a story that I was told And I wanna tell the world before I get too old And don't reme...

a car, unlike the group she had originally planned to go out with that evening. Ten

《Passion Lounge, Vol. 2》

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