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一首英文歌,主要是女的唱的,开头有点可怕,oh oh...

是不是as i move on 还是 dilemma -- kelly rowland 如果不是你可以试听以下歌曲 moonlight shadow--dana winner dark horse -katy perry&juicy me and broken heart-rixton chandelier - sia whataya want from me -- Adam Lambert be what you...

carly rae jepsen- curiosity

难道是Lady Gaga的Poker face……

Britney《Till The World Ends》

Good Time-----Owl City,Carly Rae Jepsen

The Mask/12 Years Later 播放 歌手:Tyler Bates 语言:纯音乐 所属专辑:

应该是taylor swift的we are never ever getting back 满意请记得采纳哦~

Stay Here Forever Jewel Kilcher h(Oh) Oh(Oh) Oh Oh 哦(哦)哦(哦)哦,哦, I'm laying here dreaming, Staring at the ceiling 我躺着,盯着天花板做着白日梦 Wasting the day away 浪费了一整天的时间 The world's flying by our window ...

peculiar smell of stale straw. They drove with both windows

的确是kasha 不过是另外一新单首: C'mon

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