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歌曲:Faith 歌手:LISA KOMINE 所属专辑:Rental Magica(出租魔法使)OP Believe in yourself Be who you want to be... I will shed no tear,I will face my fear all alone All the doubts in mind,I will leave behind Lost in the dark,seek...

C 试题分析:考查固定句型。固定句型:祈使句+连词+主句;主句使用将来时或者情态动词的形式。该句型就等与if引导的条件句+主句。故C正确。点评:。固定句型:祈使句+连词+主句;主句使用将来时或者情态动词的形式。该句型就等与if引导的条件句...

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