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Where is the bookstore? Yes,it is. Is there a cinema over there? I am reading a story book.

完型的话呢就是要结合上下文,有些选项的答案在下文就可以找到,其次就是要大概的明白文章的意思,要不都不会做!平时多看看英语名著积累一下词汇量就OK了~ 作文很容易,要让小朋友有一个看到题目就会有大概的提纲这样的习惯,先了解题目的要求...

1 where is 2 going shopping, birthday 3 who, help 4 balloon, floating away 5 rolling down

easy computer with O(∩_∩)O~

are going to dance the matter have a headache He's() and()这个要看John的身体的,我没有图片,所以不会写 下一句是He likes playing football sing dance can are playing the violin 我六年级

不好意思,刚才有一空看错了 We ( are )( going )( to )( have )a farewell party next Saturday.Great! I can't wait.(图片:跳舞)2.What's( the ) ( matter )with you?I( get或have )( a )( headache ).(图片:头痛)3.What is John like?He...

What's a aviary There are home a photo take photos how's next to 填空第五题,bread 好熟悉,四年级做过

Ture left

(1)there is (more) fruit.(2) (eat) an ice  cream, please.

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