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为你解答。 ①They are planting trees.(对划线部分提问 划线trees) What are they planting? ②She cuts the cake.(现在进行时) She is cutting the cake. ③The students are having a maths exam.(一般疑问句) Are the students are having...

Where is the bookstore? Yes,it is. Is there a cinema over there? I am reading a story book.

What are you going to do after school?

1.feels hungry 2.Everything looks 3.the chicken hot 4.How do you like 5.the food is fresh 6.forks and knives

Ture left

are going to dance the matter have a headache He's() and()这个要看John的身体的,我没有图片,所以不会写 下一句是He likes playing football sing dance can are playing the violin 我六年级

1.can speak Chinese 2.running very fast 3.jumps hightly 4.dancing and she dances well. 5.I can sing the song ,our scence.

2 having party 3 begin twenty past eight 4 favorite swimming 5 for pair trousers

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