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我等一会儿再跟你聊。 英文翻译: I'll talk to you later. 语法说明: will talk为情态动词+动词作复合谓语。 重点词汇解释: talk |tɔ:k|~ (to/with sb) (about sb/sth) | ~ of/on sth to say things; to speak in order to give informa...

关于你方提出的要求,等我跟我们经理商量后再答复你。 用英语表达 翻译如下: With regard to your request, I will reply to you after I discuss with our manager. 重点词汇释义: 关于:about; on; concerning; with regard to; anenst 提出...

OK,wait a minute

wait a moment./ Hold on for a moment(打电话时用)

翻译如下 请稍等一会儿,我给你转接到校长那儿去 Just a moment, please. I'll transfer your call to the principal.


i will contact you after confirmed it it's difficult for me to inform you in 5 days advance

I will come later.

Let's chat with each other when you come back home,shall we?


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