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1. Thank you all for coming. 感谢你们都能来。

I visited my grandparents last week。 我上星期去看望我的祖父母了。 【解析:某人做某事,+时间】 I was very happy last week 上周我非常开心。 【解析:主系表的结构】 What did you do last sunday? 上星期天你做了什么? 【解析:did是...

Do you know the traffic rules? 亲:高老师祝你学习进步,每天都开心V_V! 望采纳,thanks(thx)!

1 What does your mother do ? 2 What are you going to be ? 3 Miss Liu teaches English in my school. 4 How does your father go to work ? 5 Do you want to be a teacher ?


You must look right before you cross the street.

My mother asked me to look after my little brother at home

1、Is there a school near here? 2、Where is the cinema,please? 3、 I want to buy a postcard. 4、It's next to the bookstore.

1.We can take bus No.7.我们能乘7路公交车。 2.There's a bus every five minutes.每五分钟有一班车。 3.这些单词无法连成一句话。根据其他几句的句意,再结合现有单词,我猜想可能为: Can you tell me where the cinema is? 你能告诉我电影院...


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