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如何写结论句ConClusion sEntEnCE

6.1结论句 前面曾提到,段落由三个部分组成,最后一部分就是结论句( the concluding sentence)。结论句通常与主题句一样包含有段落的中心思想,然而所用措辞与主题句不同。 在示范段落 1-1,主题句是: We all know that cigarette smoking i...

if 连接词 conj. 1. (表示条件)如果 He will come if you invite him. 如果你请他,他会来的。 2. (表示虚拟)假如,要是 If I were you, I would never do that. 如果我是你,我决不做那件事。 3. (表示让步)即使 We'll go even if it rains. 即使...

要结合语境的,如果说前面说了很多,最后总结了来了句“一句话”。那你就说in a word,to sum up,all in all,in conclusion 单纯的“一句话”翻译 a sentence

How to Make and Use an Essay Outline An essay outline is probably the most important friend you will have while writing your essay. It is ...

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