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1, Tom often forgets to feed it. 2, They become good friends soon. 3, At first he did not want to eat it. 4, They decide to do their home homework. 5, I want to buy this pair of pants.


What are you going to do on the weekend?

1 All the children have a big dream. 2 I want to see your dreams come true. 3 Music makes people happy. 4 Yang Ling likes playing the piano. 5 What do they want to be?

What can fulfill our basic needs ?

where do you live in Nan Jing? 你住在南京哪里?

when is your mom's birthday?

1. Er kommt heute um 6 Uhr von der Arbeit nach Haus. 2. Mein Freund studiert seit vier Monaten an der Technischen Uni. 3. Das älteste Museum Deutschlands befindet sich in Mannheim 4. Die Studenten lesen abends in der Leses...

You must look right before you cross the street.

Does he often go to the beach?

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