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翻译如下 食堂的温度太高了,所有的空调都不工作,以至于学生都一边流汗一边吃饭,非常影响心情和效率。所以我建议修理空调。 I suggest repairing air conditioning. Because the temperature of the dining hall is too high and all air cond...

Analysis of this study is to simulate the impact on carbon fibers are coefficient flow properties. With the rapid development of China's economy, since carbon fiber reinforced materials, physical and chemical properties are ver...

If you don't did that it is not secert for make sense,then every time when I full of doubt,but you are never want manage to get my forgive.........纯手打加思考,还望采纳


There are all kinds of fish in the sea 这句话是中国的一句俗语,尽量不要逐字的直译,而是意译比较好~这句英文谚语表达的是同一个意思


整整翻译了半小时...累死哥了,下次abstract写简单点吧,我英语专业,毕业论文都没写这么累。anyway,hope this can help you abstract With the progress of software development technology, various soft wares came to our life. Meanwhile...

计算考试成绩的方式如下:(答对的题)- (答错的题除三)。 考试40道题,如果所有题都回答了,最后的成绩是20,请问错了多少题? 如果需要的话,答错 15, 答对 25. 25-(15/3)= 25-5=20

Being in love is the whole life爱过就是一生一世

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