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Break your heart(伤透你的心) Taio Cruz Now listen to me baby Before i love and leave you They call me heart breaker I dont wanna decieve you If you fall for me Im not easy to please Imma tear you apart Told you from the start...

1.《circus》《toxic》《3》布兰妮经典舞曲 2.《bye bye bye》、《beep》 3.《don’t push me》 4.《tik tok》 5.《bounce》 6.《where is the love》 7.《party rock》 8.《floorfiller》 9.《it's my life》 10.《boom boom pow》 11.《hey Jul...

Hands up!


Take it off,3,what the hell,only girl,Bad romance,California gurls,love the way you lie,都是挺新的歌,希望有一首是你希望的

donna lewis

Calvin Harris, Rihanna - This is what you came for

我知道,是venga boys 的boom boom boom。一定是,很欢快的歌,boom boom boom i want you in my room'

break free---ariana grande

Calvin Harris, Rihanna - This is what you came for

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