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他的成绩在全年级排第一。 日常生活中人们还有以石榴为礼物。 让我们为此而共同努力吧。

2, What does he like? 3, It is a fine day. 4, But we only have one TV. 5, I don't like watching TV

4. is called 5. How do you celebrate the festival with your families? 6. People in the south of China have rice cakes. ( the 应该在 south 前面 ) ( people in the south 是南方人. south of China 是 中国南方, 是方向. ) 下图答案 - t...

I went fishing with my parents on Saturday. Did they watch the football game yesterday morning? There was no library in my old school. I went camping with my parents during the Labor Day holiday. Does your sister like doing wor...

楼上第三个错了 是you will learn how to stay healthy and strong

Can you please put my letter in the next month's magazine?你能将我的信放在下个月的杂志里面吗? I enjoy staying at home and reading books.我喜欢待在家看书。 Her best friend Ann doesn't mind the watch.她最好的朋友Ann不太在乎那个...

sweater should be washed in the warm water the earth must be protected by us well water can be turned into ice at low temperatures have some things been done to save the sick child A beautiful picture has been drawn by my mother


你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: you have made your dream come true. .Do you know how to download movies online?

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