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"Welcome to China's Tibet for visiting,and believe that you are sure to like Tibet, because the scenery here is very beautiful! Here let me tell you about Tibet: Tibet region will lack of oxygen, pay attention to your health, t...

我们一家去西藏旅游_有道翻译 翻译结果: Our family to travel to Tibet travel_有道词典 travel 英 ['træv(ə)l] 美 ['trævl] n. 旅行;游历;漫游 vt. 经过;在…旅行 vi. 旅行;行进;步行;交往 更多释义>> [网络短语] Travel...

I want to call a few high school student teams in summer vacation for a Tibet hiking activity



Last week, he originally felt that a tour to Lhasa was pleasant, but he finally abandoned it because the journey was too long.

My families are planning to travel to Tibet recently 要采纳哦

Tibet is a very good place to travel / to visit / for travelling.

Since I graduated, I had been planning a trip to Tibet's schedule

拉萨现代旅行社有限公司 Lhasa Modern Travel Service Co., Ltd.

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