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I am going to register my own brand and open a flagship store on TianMao later.

First of all, sign up for a personal trade mark, and set up a flagship store on Tian Mao.

1, he borrow money on credit. 2, it appears that they are unlikely to reach a punctuality. 3, industrialized development of the cause is moving forward. 4, we in the government are very concerned about foreign students. 5, Prof...

Can customer buy two set of the iron block for this position seperately? Or they must buy it together with PRG software?

您好,您写的大致意思正确,但不够标准,书面写法可参考以下翻译: Please disburse the claim payment from Contract A, USD X, to the claim account of Contract B. 楼上“热心网友”最搞笑,还“软件翻译”,那么自己写的是什么?已检举。 希望...

think for the most pretty time you spent with me

I'm not care the world is so cold ,because I'm cold neither (废话一下,不管世界是否冰冷,也永远不要让自己冰冷,多笑笑吧~)

1 如果你想要的话,你可以拥有更好的成绩。是啊,即使是智力一般的学生也可以在没有额外努力的情况下成为优秀学生。 2 当然啦,学习不应该占据计划表上的所有空闲时间。给放松、爱好和娱乐留出时间来很重要。 3 略读可以帮助你,令你的阅读速度...

think safe safe and sound Securita 希腊女神,平静和安全的象征

Today is the first anniversary of our meeting! One year ago, because of your brave for love, we meet in Beijing and fell in love! Thank you for your devotion and i will love you forever no matter what will happen in the future!

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