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请你告诉我琳达住在哪里好吗 Would you please tell me where Linda lives 例句: 1. 请你告诉我在哪里下车好吗? Would you please tell me when to get off? 祝你英语学习成功! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 如有疑问请继续追问,望采纳,谢谢,您的...

你好! 请你告诉我你在哪里买的包 Could you tell me where did you buy package

If you have better advice, please tell me ,ok ?

So tell me how to adapt myself to a foreign life.(所以告诉我怎样。。。) Tell me how to adapt myself to a foreign life please.(请告诉我怎样。。。)

Can you tell me tha way to the restroom?

would you please tell

Please tell me. I will go to Londen finding you, all right?

Could you tell me what’s the lock made of? Would you mind telling me what the lock’s made of?

of course only natural as it should be certainly without doubt naturally 是的,当然可以。 Yes, certainly. 如果天气好,当然可以。 Certainly, if the weather is fine. 我当然不答应! I certainly will not! 我当然会写信给你,但不是每...

please tell me what should I do?

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