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玛丽亚凯莉的through thE rAin的歌词及翻译


玛丽亚·凯莉(Mariah Carey)和惠特妮·休斯顿(Whitney Elizabeth Houston)演唱 Many nights we've prayed 许多夜晚我们曾恳切祈祷 With no proof anyone could hear 不奢求有人倾听 And our hearts a hopeful song 我们的心如一阕希望之歌 We ...

Mariah Carey - Through The Rain When you get caught in the rain With no where to run When you're distraught and in pain Without anyone When you keep crying out to be saved But nobody comes and you feel so far away That you just...

When you believe 右键点击可直接下载: Many nights we pray多少个夜晚我们在祈祷 With no proof anyone could hear并非每个人都能听见 In our hearts a hopeful song我们心中的希望之歌 We barely...

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