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There are many things between the other bread. The girls are running in the race.


1. It’s sunny today. 2. This is our bus driver. 3. Do you often go to school by bus? 4. I always have my umbrella on a rainy day. 5. Sometimes I ride my bike. 6. Danny always walks to school. 7. I live too far from my school.

1.Simom is as happy as the three girls 2.your pen is not as expensive as mine 3.why kate is not as friendly as her twin sister 4 i don't think you are as tall as Daniel

we found a comfortable place to spend the night. I didn't sleep until my father came back home

1 You must be careful when you cross the road. 2 How much does the chocolate cost you? 3 Is this the way to the pond?

What are the advantages and disadvanges of chating with people on the internet? 如有疑问,可追问

her grandma drinks much tea every day 82.seems 83.unhappy 84.hate 85.copying should try to be polite in public is interesting for foreigners to sing songs in Chinese. 88.would you mind not playing soccer near my house? 89.He needs to improve ...

68 If you heat ice it turns into water 69 it is important for children to depend on themselves. the teachers have introduced chinese paintings to us as well. Have you ever been an exchange student in another country they are no...

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