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1 They have just arrived at their new flat.

1.How much are those yellow socks? 2.We sell our clothes at very good prices. 3.I need this jacket and these trousers. 4.My mother likes cooking better than any other activity . 5.Work hard and you will realize your dream.

68 If you heat ice it turns into water 69 it is important for children to depend on themselves. the teachers have introduced chinese paintings to us as well. Have you ever been an exchange student in another country they are no...

It was wet yesterday but it is wetter today. This is the largest dress in the shop. She is the tallest policewoman I have ever seen. I am the youngest in the class. 82.seems 83.unhappy 84.hate 85.copying should try to be polite in public is interesting for foreigners to sing songs in Chinese. 88.would you mind not playing soccer near my house? 89.He needs to improve ...

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: you have made your dream come true. .Do you know how to download movies online?


1.they walk to work on a no-car day.'s lots of fun to swim in the swimming pool. 3.we didn't make any garbage at lunch today. 4.would you turn off the tap,please? 5.please write out some rubbish which can be recyled. 1.Jen...

we can have an English wher party.

清朝光绪年间,有个叫王懿荣的学者,他是当时的最高学府国子监的主管官员。 1、农民拉了一车大西瓜,圆滚滚的像大篮球一样。 2、桃花盛开了,红艳艳的像天边的晚霞一般美丽。 3、大雪后,房檐边结满了一个个冰凌,像一个漂亮的水晶帘子。 (希望...

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